Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Marketing Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 8

Marketing Plan - Essay Example The taxation polices and international relations of these countries have influenced the functioning of the organization (Acton, 2013). High inflation rates and global economic condition have increased poverty and unemployment in different counties that has affected the charities and expenses. In addition, social changes and behavior of the contributors have changed. The technological development has enhances online access of the people for awareness. 1. Under the section 501(c)3, the organization chosen to present is the ‘GuideStar’. The non-profit group ‘Plan International USA Inc.’ is a GuideStar organization aims to provide relief services and aims to end the cycle of poverty, the organization is exempted from federal income tax and works for the charity and welfare people. 2. The organization aims to end the cycle of poverty among the children all around the world. It aims to provide welfare services to these poor children in fifty developing countries through collaboration and contributions of different communities. It provides healthcare program, education projects, and child protective initiatives to children suffering from poverty. 4. I selected ‘GuideStar’ group because it works for the prosperity for the poor children around the world. In addition, the organization provides different charity, welfare educational and health institutions for poor children. Analyzing situation analysis of GuideStar, it can be determined that the operations of the organization have improved (Ferrell & Michael, 2012). The management emphasizes on the development and encouragement of its voluntary that has decreased the administration expenses of the company. In addition, the contributors of the organization have increased their charities to the organization. One of the major weaknesses of the organization is that it focuses on projects in only fifty counties, whereas the other organizations are focused on a

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