Thursday, November 21, 2019

Should gay couples be able to marry Research Paper

Should gay couples be able to marry - Research Paper Example Regardless of the legality the same-sex marriages, research show its trend moving in an upward direction. Therefore, this manuscript will critically analyze the issue of same-sex marriages, vitally weighing the positive and the negative aspects of same-sex marital union. Same-sex marriage is an issue that has raised concern for a long time in most communities across the globe. Moreover, the US is among many countries around the world that has experienced many protests, some campaigning for the same-sex marriages, while others against this form of marital union (Mello 64). The pro-gay marriage activists cite several reasons for their relentless campaign for legalization of same-sex marriages. Firstly, these activists argue that gay couples have equal rights as other couple and that disallowing them to practice same-sex marriage is against the freedom of association (Rimmerman and Wilcox 176). Moreover, they argue that it hampers the group’s freedom of religion choice. In additi on, they argue that refuting same-sex marriage is an example of prejudice against the minority, since gay believers form a small minority in most communities across the globe. These critics allege that it has no negative effect on other individuals, since it only affects the gay believers (Aldarondo 122). Some even claim that any marriage should be based on love, regardless of which sex an individual is. Furthermore, pro-gay campaigners argue that same-sex marriage is the in-thing, and civilized individuals should adapt to this ‘modern’ lifestyle. Another reason cited by these activists is that an increase in the number of gay marriages is advantageous to the society, since it will increase the number of child adoptions within societies. This, they claim is possible, since gays are unable to have children and will only rely on adoption (Cahill 53). Some activists claim that a gay union is an association, just like the business associations. As such, people should be all owed to associate, just like other business associates are free to unite. Moreover, these campaigners argue that since the marriage entails, two individuals of the same sex, the two partners will have equal rights (Hull 124). Therefore, since the partners are of the same gender, they will have same responsibilities, thereby improving the financial capability of the couple. On the other hand, the majority of the world communities do not support same-sex marital unions, based on several factors. For instance, the main world religions do not support gay marriage since it is against their sacred teachings (Snyder 99). According to these world religions, marriage should be a sacred union between a man and a woman, with the principal purpose of procreating. As a result, gay marriage does not fit in any world religion. However, gay activists may retaliate to this by alleging that most states’ constitutions provide for freedom of worship as long as it does not harm other individuals (Snyder 98). Same-sex marriage supporters claim to increase the rate of child adoption. However, anti-gays claim that a gay family setting is not a suitable environment to raise children, since these children may grow up with socially unnatural and unaccepted norms. As a result, these children may have serious problems while they grow and interact with other children. This will also bring confusion to the children

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